Jeff Posey

cowboy americana songwriter


As a songwriter, Jeff “Wildhorse” Posey is a two-time Kerrville New Folk Finalist AND a two-time Spur Awards Finalist (Western Writers of America). His songs have been featured in movies and on TV. His first two albums (POCKETFUL and MIGHTY RIDER) each generated critical accolades and multiple award nominations including an Album of the Year nomination and Producer of the Year honors for John M. Greenberg from The Academy of Texas Music. And that was just the beginning. His latest offering, PUNCHERS & POETS & WILDHORSE REDEMPTION, is receiving more glowing reviews, plenty of airplay and includes “The Cattleman”; another Spur Award Finalist for Best Western Song. 

Posey is, first and foremost, a songwriter. Period. But the 2015 debut as host of his TV show (Ballad Hunter on Ride TV) briefly introduced Posey in a different role to an international audience. His deep appreciation for great, meaningful and original lyrics and contemporary cowboy themes fed the ambition to share some of his favorite artists to new audiences around the globe. "Their words matter and their stories need to be heard." For some of the lesser known artists, the show promised a way to reach fans they would not otherwise reach through traditional local performances. Posey still holds the passion to share their work, still owns the show, and leaves open the possibility of its return to TV (or another medium) under the right circumstances. The premiere episode w/Mike Blakely can be viewed here:

Meanwhile, three full length albums (each one “a bold, artistic statement” in its own right) and his regionally expanding tour schedule are providing new fans with a glimpse of what the critics already heard in his words and music; an impressive and charming catalog of engaging characters and original stories. Each story is told and each character is born with a signature style, a “poetic simplicity”, “lyrical genius” and a soothing understated vocal delivery that will engage curious, discerning listeners. If you like a great story well told, pick up an album and catch a live show.